A Sexual Fantasy

— By S

It started when I was looking for a date on Tinder. The lady, that matched and went out on date with (lets call her Jaq) was transgender, pre-op male to female. Jaq was beautiful and very passionate. I moved to a different place shortly afterwards, and never went out with her again. Later when I was dating a girl in the new town, we both ran into Jaq. There were sparks. I had an urge to meet up with Jaq again and have passionate sex with her. My girlfriend sensed there was some attraction between Jaq and I and invited her over to our house that night. They both connected really well. We started drinking shots of tequilla and played Cards Against Humanity. The laughter and closeness soon turned into all of us kissing each other. We went into bedroom, undressed each other. Jaq was still pre-op. My girlfriend without missing a beat dropped to her knees and started giving Jaq a blowjob. She pulled me down by my hand and instructed me to share Jaq's flick clit. This went on for a while and then we took turns to fuck each other. I got to be lucky pierre. We finished with me getting multiple orgasms followed by a big cum with my girlfriend in my ass with a strapon and Jaq on my chest with me giving her blowjob!