The hottest bisexual foursome from Erika Lust's XConfessions Vol. 10.

"Our daughter started 1st grade in a new school in Brooklyn a few months ago.

There is this particular couple whose kid is getting along very well with our kid, and they are pretty cool and very attractive. We've heard from other parents that they are a power couple here in NY, he is a talented architect and she is a fashion designer.

Is it weird that I'm having sexual fantasies with them? Is it weird that last week I decided to act on those feelings and somehow got myself an invitation to their place?"

— By BigLittleSwinger
Erika's comment

What can I say... Hot DOESN'T even cut it! This bisexual foursome is such a feast for all the senses. Four incredibly cool, gorgeous, sex-positive and intelligent performers come together for a scene that blew my mind to shoot- and will blow yours to watch! It literally doesn't get hotter than this. Thank you to Ainsley-T for the very sexy shoes!


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    ich freu mich

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    😍 can't wait

  • L

    so excited to see this one!!!

  • N

    I'm horny already looking at the screenshot... I don't know what actress I would dream to taste first :-)

  • B

    This is how all sex should look like!

  • K
    Kerry C

    I'd been looking forward to seeing this one ever since I watched the behind the scenes live stream and it didn't disappoint!

  • S

    Wow! DAS nenn' ich mal vielseitig :-)

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    This is the hottest thing I have ever seen. +1 for bisexual male representation!

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    Parker Marx has a beautiful penis! I want to kiss it, lick it, and nibble it!

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      chloe louisem
      Agreed. It’s gorgeous
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    Those heels 😳😏

  • P

    I just love how Lina gets so excited and passionate but also needs the cuddles and tenderness, and real emotional contact, such a beautiful combination

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    Rooster is so perfect in this...can't wait for the next one :)

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    Absolutely great!
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    Lovely combination: man with man and woman with woman👍🏽
    And mixed !! So good to see
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    eeee sooooooo hot!!
  • Q
    We love watching this film........... We are a husband / wife couple exploring our bi-sexual sides in the fantasy phase. Masturbating together, fantasying, fucking to, masturbating each other, talking about how an experience like this would play our in our lives, manifesting what we desire...... this film is perfect. Your work is amazing.
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    I can’t play this video. Is there any issue?
  • M
    ....that earing is the most distracting thing in the whole world
  • C
    I totally love how thoroughly bisexual all the characters are. It really hits the spot for me :)
    Also I can hardly describe how much I love the playing and lots of oral, and their real gentleness with each other even in passionate moments.
    Politically I love that the men's bisexuality is totally unannounced, as well. There is so much to love about this.
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    Das ist wirklich heiss....sehr heiss
  • A
    This was so beautiful and SO HOT, oh my god. Thank you!
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