Have you ever wondered what it was like to have an orgy in the '60s? Directed by Erika Lust and based on a confession by Cara D., Dirty Martini explores the world of sex parties in the '60s.

The '60s and '70s were the peaks of personal liberation. Sex was a space for experimentation after reaping the freedoms of the sexual revolution and the women's and gay liberation movements. Powered by a deep desire for pleasure, self-expression, and the need for connection, sexuality became an open space free from the oppression of the '50s—and the results were wonderful. Dirty Martini explores the world of sex parties in the '60s, culminating in a stunning pansexual orgy.

Sex parties are not all the same—there are a wide variety of parties, and you should choose the one most suited to your needs and establish your boundaries. There are BDSM-themed parties, fetish parties, dance parties, costume and role-play parties, swinger parties, and much more! And if you are not into it, you can just watch. No pressure is allowed at sex parties, only the liberty to enjoy yourself however you want to. This movie will surely get you in the mood for a dirty martini!

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