Director: Erika Lust
Production year: 2015
Film duration: 11:14
Comments by Erika Lust

For such an untraditional idea on sexual and sentimental relationships, I had to gather a young and modern ensemble of performers. Once more, the cast was the challenge... But I think we've been quite successful. Introducing Dido Wend's first movie scene, amidst sexy bisexual Mark Sanz, blue-eyed Ian Grey and my beloved Amber Nevada. Participation in an orgy is one of the most common sexual fantasies... What else could happen when everyone loves each other so much?!

Me llamo María, vivo en Berlín y si pesa más que un pollo, me lo follo. Me llamo Juan, soy el novio de María y también el de Álex. Me llamo Teresa y soy amiga de Juan, de María, de Álex, y acabo de llegar a la ciudad. Me llamo Álex, y no sé vivir sin mis amigos, me gustan sus cuerpos, me gusta lo que piensan y me gusta cómo me hacen sentir. Nos queremos.

Teresa quiere a María. María y Teresa quieren ver a Álex y Juan besarse, follarse, tocarse. Alex y Juan no saben que María y Teresa conocen bien este juego, que tienen buena mano para el póker y mejor mano aún para el sexo, y que hoy han decidido que van a ganar. Y no saben, sobre todo, que el premio gordo serán ellos.

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  1. Anynomous says:


    My name is Mary, I live in Berlin, and I enjoy fucking almost any moving thing. My name is John, I am the boyfriend of Mary and also of Alex. My name is Teresa and I am friends with John, Mary, Alex, and I’ve just arrived in the city. My name is Alex, and I can not live without my friends, I like their bodies, I like the way they think and I like how they make me feel. We love each other.

    Teresa loves Mary. Mary and Teresa want to see Alex and John kissing, fucking, touching each other. Alex and John do not suspect that Mary and Teresa know this game well. They are good poker players and they are even better at sex. They have decided that today they will win. But above all, Alex and John do not suspect who the jackpot will be... them.

  2. Anynomous says:

    Very nice!

  3. Anynomous says:

    Erika, gracias!! Es increíiible!! :D Va a ser super divertido ver en pantalla lo que imaginaba

  4. Erika Lust says:

    Hola Pansex Forever! Thanks to you for bringing to XCONFESSIONS such a modern topic. Hope you like the film, please contact us so that we can give you your reward ;)

  5. libgui says:

    Very very beautiful film !! I had a lot of pleasure to watch him !! Thank you Erika !!

  6. Erika Lust says:

    You are welcome libgui!

  7. snowmonkey says:

    Amazing film - really captures the intimacy beautifully! please do more like this :)

  8. Phedre says:

    I loved this so much, not only did it make me hot, it also made me feel joy over the display of non-jealous free love.

  9. miknatt says:

    Love this Film. Very sensual Bi Sexuality....It turns me on :-)
    Please more of these films.....

  10. Torquatus says:

    Fantastique! Je ne peux rien imaginer de plus chaud, de plus excitant que de participer à une orgie où tout le monde baise avec tout le monde, sans distinction de sexe. Malheureusement dans ma vie réelle je n'aurai jamais une telle expérience, mais j'espère voir de plus en plus de ces situations représentées au cinéma. Merci! Et poursuivez!

    • Newbi says:

      In German people would say: "Es gibt immer ein erstes Mal" which would translate to "There is always a first time" (or "Il y a toujours une premier fois" en francais) ;-)

  11. Newbi says:

    Maybe my favourite film of yours, Erika (hard to decide with so many gems to pick from ;-)). The chemistry especially between the two guys is mindblowing ... I could never have dared to have sex with another guy but watching this movie lets me question my strict opinion on this. Heteronormativity and patriachry have dictated such strong scripts and roles for both genders and sometimes i get the impression that the dominant role assigned to males makes it particularly hard for us guys now to break out of this tight corset. Your films are certainly a great step in this emerging movement to finally give the freedom of choice to all genders. Thanks for leaving the small path of heterosexual sex with so many of your movies!

  12. oniro70 says:

    Really enjoyed the intimacy of the group encounter. I would like to see the English subtitles on the movie version as it was in part on the preview. Knowing what these people were thinking would make this scene even hotter ;)

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