A pianist's ultimate sexual fantasy is played out in an intimate concert that hits an exquisite note!

"I’m a pianist with a dream. Since I watched that amazing video with Stoya getting "hysterical" over literature, directed by Clayton Cubitt 3 years ago, I've been wishing to go through the same - but with a piano instead of a book. I want to perform nude on a stage, the audience is watching me and I can feel their eyes on my body, on my skin. As I play they come closer to me and the piano, and all of the sudden I’m surrounded by the crowd. When my music comes to the end, they approach even more, and I get more excited and confused. I climax, the song ends, the applaud…

If Stoya had her HYSTERICAL LITERATURE, maybe I can have my own hysterical piano concert?

Listen here to the music used in the film by our beautiful pianist; plus the original Hysterical Literature video featuring Stoya enjoying unseen oral sex while she reads from her favorite book.


— By Rachmaninova
Erika's comment

Combining multiple art forms such as music and film was a beautiful experience for me. This film is deeply moving and at the same time tantalisingly erotic. I hope we captured your fantasy Rachmaninova!


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    Please do! Show us the aftermath!

  • K

    "You can not download this file because you do not have access."

    • K
      Erika Lust

      This technical issue has been fixed now! I apologise for the issues, I hope you enjoy :)

  • T

    Such a beautiful movie !! The main actress is absolutely gorgeous. I've never thought of this kind of fantasy. That's why I like this website, I explore new fantasies with your movies. It's my first message here, and I just want to say : keep doing, Erika. You're so good at what you're doing here.

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    Erika Lust

    Timourine thank you so much! It is always such a good feeling to read people's positive responses :) I'm very glad you enjoyed it

  • B

    What is that beautiful song near the end of the trailer? It's so familiar...

    • B

      It's "Gymnopédies No.1" composed by France musician Erik Satie (1866 -1925)

      Very beautiful piece, here is a YouTube music link for your reference, enjoy -


    • B

      And if you are talking about the 2 heavy ending notes, many songs could be :-)

  • B

    Encore! ;)

  • S

    Wow. I absolutely loved this. Beautifully executed!! Bravo.

  • L

    Super! I like it! I'm just asking myself why can't I see all of the scenes? Like when Monica get a cunnilingus.The photos on the movie page shows scenes I don't see in the film... Thanks!

  • M

    I enjoyed it a great deal. The fantasy and it's depiction on screen were extremely erotic. I loved it.

  • J

    I like the concept of this film, but I would have liked to see her continue playing the piano while having sex. That is my fantasy

  • W
    Thank you Erika, you show people how beautiful sex could be! Wish I could join you someday, but I'm afraid it was just another fantasy...
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