Public Passion

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lily

I (I'll call myself Lily because I want this to be anonymous) was walking around our small town with my boyfriend (I'll call him Ashton) when we both got a sudden surge of passion and lust, so we went between this alleyway behind an abandoned building where we knew nobody would go. He wrapped his arms strongly around me and pulled me close, then ran one hand up my short sundress and and gripped my ass. He kissed me roughly, but passionately and it made butterflies swell in my stomach. So I grabbed his member through his jeans and began to stroke it. I'm not exactly sure how, seeing as I was absolutely high off of him, but we ended up completely naked, and he was on the ground, and I was on top of him, sucking him off until he was as rock hard as he could get. Then I crawled onto his lap. I remember him sliding into me, breaking me out of the trance his sexy, sloppy kisses had put me in. He had his large hands on my wide hips, pushing mine down while he pushed his up. I just kept moaning "Fuck yes Daddy!" (we're into DDLG) while rode him at a moderate pace. His nails dug into my hips and mine into his thighs as I leaned back. Then I bent down to kiss him while still riding him. He broke our kiss to suck on my nipple (keep in mind I have small boobs if you do decide to make a film out of this). We were both so into it, everything just went so smoothly, almost like in a movie, which is why I decided to pick this moment out of many to share. After a good 30 or 40 minutes, we both came at the same time (it was crazy, the only time it's ever happened in the 100+ times we've made love). He pulled out and came all over my chubby stomach. It was the best sex the both of us have ever had, we had a discussion and agreed on it. After we are both done climaxing, I grinded on him slowly for a bit while we kissed slowly and passionately. It was truly the most beautiful, passionate sex I've ever had. We were both drenched in sweat (and cum), and it was the most euphoric feeling ever.