Public Library Lust

A Sexual Fantasy

— By C152

As a University student, I use to go quite often to the town's public library because I needed to find an easy place to keep myself focused on my studies. I always felt it was a mysterious place with some magical fantasy in the air.
One day I was studying and I noticed myself flirting with a beautiful, brunette, brown-eyed girl. Her gaze showed a deep desire and lustful thoughts going on inside her clever brain. At the end of the day, I followed her when she left the library. We introduced ourselves properly then. She was a medical student, preparing for her last exam before her internship started. She told me about the stress she was under and how it was hard to find any time to unwind. The following day, I went to the library again and she was there, in the same place as the previous day. I couldn't sit in front of her, but I sat down to her right. She gave me a suggestive smile. Quite soon she got up from her chair and looked at me with her lustful smile. I did the same and followed her immediately, looking at her beautiful butt inside her jeans, which made me hard. We went to the park next to the library, behind a tree and our mouths started to kiss and swallow each other. I was touching and kissing her neck and chest and suddenly I felt her hand on my dick. Our clothes came off. Quite soon we were both completely naked in a public park, hidden by just a tree and some shrubs. She went down on me to, swallowing and sucking my cock. A few moments later I was inside her, first in the doggy style and then she was on top of me. In this position I could easily reach her clitoris with my left hand and her nipple with my other hand. She came quite fast, and I came shortly after, inside her. It was so intense!
We both pulled ourselves together, got our clothes back on and returned to the library with big smiles.
Fortunately, it was just the first of many great moments we spent together!