The private Well-Sex Spa

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 3k-lust

Oh what a surprise she thinks, while she is in the water. He has arranged for her the bath with candles and music and has filled up the bathtub. Hopefully for her relaxation and to get her into the right mood.

It is so exciting not knowing what's coming, but she will agree with all. Let yourself be surprised he has said to her. And now he is joining her with a glass of wine and a massage sponge. While she drinks the wine, he sits down behind of her and begins to give her a caress on her back. She enjoys the massage, leans back on him, so he moves slowly forward with his hands. From behind he rubs and strokes her body with the sponge, starting with her neck, followed by her breasts, nipples, her belly, ending up with her pussy. She moans and he caresses her until she comes. She is satisfied and wants to say thank you with her kisses. But the story still goes on.

A few moments later they are in the bedroom. She is laying on her belly, he sits behind her next to her legs. He rubs his hands to warm up the massage oil and begin to massage her neck and shoulders. He feels that her muscles relax and goes down little by little to her bottom. He massages her butt, expands her ass cheeks apart and back together and enjoys the whole view while his dick gets bigger and bigger. After a while he kisses and licks her ass. His tongue is wandering to her glory hole. He is stretching her ass cheeks apart and tries to lick and rim her asshole. He likes the feeling and taste and is curious to see if she likes it too. Happily she shows him that she likes it and wants him to know to try further more with her. So he drops a few drops of oil into her crack and starts fingering her ass. She enjoys it, but her passion is hungry for something bigger, something like his dick. The next moment he is kissing and touching her from behind, while his dick is rubbing between her ass cheeks. It is so awesome, that she screams and begs more and more…