The postman always rings twice

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bruno1968

A late november day. The weather was terrible, tons of water fell from the sky. The wind was blowing hard and it was only 5 degrees. In a stately house, a woman was cooking soup . She was warmly dressed in pyjamas. The rain tapped on the window, while she was mixing the soup . Suddenly the doorbell rung twice. When she opened, the postman stood before her with a registered letter. He was soaked.
She asked him to come in to drink a bowl of soup. Normally he would refuse, but it was so cold that he came in. He took off his coat. She suggested to put his wet clothes in the dryer; while he drank soup. She went away to get a towel. He took off his clothes. When she came back he stood completely naked in the hall. She began to dry him off. He was so cold.

To warm him up she took his penis in the mouth. He got hot ... They left the cold hall and went to the kitchen. The table invited them for an ardent lovemaking.
He took her pyjamas off and lay her on the table.

After lovemaking she put his clothes in the dryer and he drank a cup of soup.