Political Lesbians

A Sexual Fantasy

— By secretaportenita

I find it so curious that in lesbian porn, you never see the political side of lesbians. I'm being sarcastic, of course. I know we never see that because most of lesbian porn is done for men.

But the truth is, queer people in general and lesbian women in particular have a long and wonderful history of fighting for equality, human rights and feminist values.

I'd love to watch a porn film that includes such crucial aspect of many lesbians' lives. Where we can see and feel that the attraction these two women have for one another comes from their mutual admiration for their political thoughts and actions. Maybe they meet at a rally, or at Women's March. Maybe they are protesting outside of a sexual predator's house, spraying grafftis on his door. Maybe one of them is a lawyer who specializes in domestic violence and women's right, and the other one is a political feminist leader...