Pleasure at full velocity

A Sexual Fantasy

— By VeronikaRuss

The feeling of velocity… Of freedom…
It turns me on.
The sun rays enter through the car windows, rising the air temperature. The vibration of the car travels through my tights and I feel a titillation in between my legs.
I caress the leather wheel softly with my finger tips and slowly slide my hand on the gearshift.
The heat inside the car begins to make my thighs sweat. I rub them together and a wave of pleasure washes over my clit and takes over my body.
I’m alone on the highway now. Johnny Cash’s broken voice and the desert landscape make the perfect atmosphere for this moment.
I press the button of cruise control and relax my legs; spreading them open. I playfully pull my skirt a little.
I know I shouldn’t distract myself from driving – but I decide to ignore my morals on safe driving.
I slip my fingers under my thong. The moaning echoes back to me inside the car.
I definitely enjoy driving.