The Piss-Tease Artist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jeremy

I had a little career as an erotica author. One of the themes I wrote on—and the subject of my strongest personal fantasies—is sensuous women who become highly aroused when they need to pee, who can make an autoerotic escapade out of the act of urinating.

Imagine a woman walking home after a beer or two. She’s positively tingling for a piss, but she left without using the restroom because “holding it” feels intensely pleasurable and exciting. She strides quickly, teasing herself with the ticklish sensation of being on the verge of wetting her panties. A drop trickles out, and this electrifies her clit even more.

Once home, she ignores the bathroom and enters the kitchen. Alone in the middle of the room, she masturbates by indulging in a sensual, uninhibited full-bladder dance: jiggling from foot to foot, bending forward and wedging a hand up her skirt, crossing her legs, wiggling her bottom, tweaking a nipple through her blouse. She relishes the thrill of hovering on the edge—and she savors the anticipation of the delicious release to come.

While she squirms and clutches her crotch, her favorite fantasy kicks in: She’s a cabaret performer, with an audience present to witness her “piss-tease” act. Nearly nude in elegant lingerie—her buttocks exposed in a lace thong and her nipples left naked by a revealing bra—she smilingly tells the crowd how urgently she needs to pee, all the while strutting, squatting, bending, shuffling, and hopping around…moaning and laughing erotically…straddling a chair and rubbing herself against it…fully displaying and enjoying her precarious condition. Two assistants then join her, bearing colorful feathers. She strikes a spread-eagle stance and invites them to tickle her gently under the arms, all over her bottom, and across her nipples. She giggles and shrieks in ecstasy as she loses control.

Back in the kitchen, she’s finally peeing with abandon: saturating her panties, streaking her thighs and stockings, and puddling the tiles…her body trembling as the strongest orgasm of her life roars through her.