Pinned down by a woman at a party

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Small_Guy

As a fairly small, wimpy male (I'm only 5'5), I've always loved the idea of getting wrestled, overpowered and pinned down by stronger woman.

I had a memorable thing happen when I was about 23, at a party in someones backyard. There was a woman there in her 30s, perhaps around 5'10, who decided, for some reason to humiliate me by wrestling me down. After some tussling on the ground, she managed to mount me fairly easily and was sitting astride my chest while holding my arms down by the wrists. I attempted to break free by squirming and wriggling my way out from under her, as well as getting my arms loose from her grip, but to no avail. She was surprisingly quite strong. After a bit more struggling, she moved further up on me and trapped my arms under her shins. Now I knew I was completely trapped. I was feeling incredibly turned on and humiliated at the same time.

She proceeded to taunt me for my helpless position under her. She leaned down and would dangle/rub her hair in my face, even blowing right in my face a few times. Before sitting back upright on my chest all the while keeping her tight hold onto my wrists. Her friends eventually all came over, and they all started chatting among themselves. Occasionally they would turn their attention to me, but mostly ignored me lying under her. This went on for about 2 hours before she finally got off me, and let me go. I was supremely embarrassed, but also unbelievably turned on. I went home that night and must have masturbated at least 5 times while reliving the event in my head.

I don't always know how I feel, looking back on this experience, but there was no doubt it was incredible memorable.