A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My GF and I have an erotic musical act on stage. We became a couple on conservatory, and now we combine our 2 passions on stage, music and sex! We start our act with my GF singing and I accompanying her on my pianoforte. On a certain point during our act, she climbs on my lap, still continuing singing. While I continue playing, she slowly removes her evening dress, and starts seducing me, still singing her song, and I still accompanying her. Swiftly, still singing, she opens the fly of my pants, freeing my already erect cock. While stroking it with one hand she slowly lowers herself on it. Somehow her singing seems getting a bit out of tune, and did I miss a note there?

She slowly starts thrusting up and down on my cock, singing yet another song, but now mixed with gasps and moans of lust! I start missing more and more notes, still trying to maintain correct tempo and tune. Then, the grande finale of our act! Without stopping playing or singing we manage to change position. She is now on her knees in front of the pianoforte, and I kneel behind her, penetrate her from behind. And now... our last song! Quatre main, we play and sing a duetto, the song getting more and more mixed with a series of grunts, moans and shouts of passion. In a kakafonia of false notes we give up playing the pianoforte all together, and continue our carnal desires in front of our audience. Gasping and moaning we both orgasm, applauded by our audience! After we catch our breath again, we bow for our public, taking our standing ovation. /curtain/.