When Physics are Pushing my Boundaries

A Sexual Fantasy

— By I-Heart-Berlin

I have to confess, that I regularly touch myself in classes or lectures. When I've learned about Wave–particle duality in school, I became the first time that exited, that I couldn't make up my mind whether to run out of class and touch myself or stay an listen to the magic words of my teacher, that made world's riddle more conclusive. I found a middle way by crossing my legs while sitting on the right hand that was pressing on my clit while lifting the left arm straight up in the air, eager to share my thoughts on the science. This class left me very confused. My arousal was not focused on the teacher; it came arbitrary on basis of my understanding.

You never know, when you will learn something new. Still, it sometimes takes me by surprise. Moreover, the beneficiaries, too. Like my boyfriend explaining phonons to me, suddenly feeling my bare foot touching his penis carefully though the fabric of his trousers underneath the restaurant table. Luckily, they had a big bathroom with a wide windowsill. I made him fuck me hard from behind. This was not about him, or feeling him. It was about my despearte need to be filled up. deep up. Right now.

Defiantly, physics made me push my boundaries more than once. Well, I fucking love science! ;)