Performing Tonight at the Jazz Bar

A Sexual Fantasy

— By JuicyGlitta

There is this dimly lit, old-fashion style jazz bar near our place. One evening, before heading out for a late-night drink, my partner hands me a box of beautiful lingerie and gestures for me to put it on. I slip the delicate pieces on underneath my dress and we head out. When we walk into the bar, I feel like I’ve got a secret that everyone is curious about. As we sit and chat with the tall, dark, handsome barkeep, we let the liquor warm us from the inside out. I excuse myself to go freshen up. While I am admiring myself in the mirror, I feel an intense surge of pleasure tingling from my clit, up to my chest and out to my fingertips. I grab the sink to keep my legs from going weak and soak in the pleasurable vibrations. I reach down to feel myself and discover a small vibrator inserted into the panties. My phone dings with a text from my partner, “Shh…it’s our little secret. Meet me on the stools.” I gather myself, exhilarated and nervous, then meet him back at the bar where he continues to tease me with the settings. The barkeep slowly takes notice and can’t take his eyes off me while I take in such pleasure. The bartender and I lock eyes, then my partner pauses, grins and turns the dial all the way up. I stare back at this strange handsome man and have to cover my mouth to keep from screaming as I cum. The bartender motions for us to join him in the back.