Peg Me!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Eric Blast

I had a lesbian friend, we used to hang out a lot, and we'd been introducing to one another our partners for some time. I didn't think about it for a long time, but I was quite intrigued on how she would make love with her partners. One evening, we were together at my apartment and we started discussing our last experiences with our ex partners. And we confessed to each other that we were quite attracted to one another for reasons that we hadn't really understood.

We started kissing and it felt so intimate. We ended up in bed, naked, absorbed by a total transcendental feeling. I was feeling free for her to behave with me in a way that no other woman had treated me in the past. I was underneath, she was kissing me, and then went a bit down and started licking my asshole, which felt so hedonistic. And then she started fingering me, and that was absolutely thrilling. I didn't believe I could enjoy this sexual treatment so much. A long time passed, and we ended up having a lot of sexual experiences together. One time I confessed I would enjoy her fucking me with a strap on. So, she did, and for me it was a mind and body blowing experience. We later discussed how we both enjoyed it, and she was amazed how sexually open I was and with our intercourses, she was experiencing something she couldn't have thought that she would enjoy so much too with a male partner. For both of us it was a totally new experience and we continued our relationship for some months.

After a while, she advised me that she would have to leave to go abroad to search for her career and we decided that our relationship was ending. We're now with our new partners, contacting each other, not so much anymore, but sometimes through Skype. We've never discussed since then our small period of being together - but up until now, to be honest, it's a sexual experience that has remained one of my most intriguing ones.