Peer Support

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Shy_But_Alive

There’s a small group of friends or acquaintances, who meet occasionally to discuss their personal problems – almost like a little support group. They’re all shy and they don’t consider themselves attractive, which means they’re all a bit insecure and sometimes lonely. One night they meet over some wine at one of their houses. As the night goes on and they loosen up, it comes up that they’re all craving for intimacy and release. Once they recognize this common need, a thought comes up: they decide to each masturbate, one by one, getting both permission and recognition from the group. There’s one rule, though: no touching one another! The room is candlelit, with pillows and blankets thrown across the floor. As they each perform, the others are there to support and watch with growing excitement, almost cheering each other on. One by one each of them receives validation that they are beautiful and that their sexuality is not something to be hidden away but enjoyed and celebrated. Some in the group are shy to reveal themselves and may choose to wear some piece of clothing while performing, like an Indian scarf or something light, almost translucent. Perhaps some choose to masturbate simultaneously, but what’s important is how the group watches each other perform, letting their gaze linger in on the other person’s body, letting themselves be aroused by one another. They all have this need to be seen and feel wanted. In my fantasy, there can be people of any gender in the group, but it’s important that the situation feels safe and inclusive for everyone. They sort of create a space where each of them can feel valued and enjoy themselves. In this strangely surreal setting they all reach shattering orgasms, leaving everyone lying all over the room, exhausted. In the end they share a laugh at how shy they were before the night begun and how different everything now feels. By the end they also reach an understanding, that they will get together another night, to do it all over again.