Peeping Tom

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lees-AH

I recently moved into a new apartment located on the 5th floor with big windows, letting light easily slip through... and also a peeping tom.

A personal favorite feature of this new apartment is the multiple-mode shower head that has a powerful jet. Every now and then I'd let my fantasy take hold of me during a hot shower while the bathroom window is open to let out the steam. The cool breeze brushing against my wet, hot body as the shower head grazes against my clit... sometimes a moan or two slips out into the open which I'm sure neighbors with good hearing could catch (if they're lucky).

One lucky neighbor did.

I was taking an evening shower with my bathroom window cracked open. My hand wandered with my mind as water trailed down my body. There was this feeling that someone was watching me and oddly it turned me on so hard that I dared to masturbate. As I let the water jet gush over my clit my eyes were searching for that person who was watching me enjoy myself. There she was, a girl sitting on a balcony, peeping her eyes above whatever magazine she was reading... fixating her eyes on mine as I touched myself.

Needless to say this wasn't the last time I let her watch me.