A Sexual Fantasy

— By PisceanDream

I invite my ex over to teach him a lesson on real love. I know he's still in love with me, but I never had a real orgasm with him. Every single night he would expect sex and I had to fake it. Now, I'm in the best relationship any woman could ask for.

I would invite him into my new, big, beautiful home. Seduce him and tie him up. Then I'd call my fiancé to come rescue me. I'd tease him by rubbing myself on him. And then my fiancé and I would put on 1 of your movies and play for 12 hrs like we do every weekend and make him watch. I'd then go back and tease him some more. Then my fiancé would shoot his precum all over his face and body. We would continue to go back and forth. My fiancé likes to experiment. He would bend him over and tickle his butt. Then maybe shoot a load in him. My fiancé would remind him how good I smell and taste. We would continue to tease without letting him cum. I would tell my ex how my fiance and I would make love in our old bed and let the cum soak in on his side and let him sleep in it.

He would be stuck here until I was ready for my true love's babies to be shot deep inside.