Passion revived

A Sexual Fantasy

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This is not a unique fantasy but it is one of mine.

I married young (19) to a lovely girl who was the oldest in a tradition family, that meant she was the defacto mum. This meant her pride was in a clean house , happy family and tradition sex but being dominate was never an option. Now after 30 years, the love is still there but passion is but a distant memory. My desire is one day, an old family friend or distant cousin comes from overseas to visit. A vibrant middle aged woman who enjoys life. I often work from home and often don't shower till later in the day.

One day I am having a mid day shower when the visitor wanders in looking for something and spies on me. She slowly strips off her clothes and jumps in with me, a look of bewilderment on my face. She then begins to passionately kiss me. Something I have done, let alone felt in many years. The feel of the rise of passion combined with the sensory overload of her aggressive passion, her wandering hands and just close proximity drives me to levels I have long since forgotten. She kneels in the shower, the rain shower sprinkling her hair as she takes my penis in mouth. The joy obvious on my face. She then gives me a blow job of an experienced woman. Techniques I have never known or let alone felt.

She then slowly inserts a finger in my anus, something that I have never done before , all whilst gazing into my eyes, knowing she is in control. When nearly at the brink she stands, grabs my hand and puts it against her wet pussy. Telling me to insert my fingers as she rubs her clit with one hand and jerks me with the other. Her face turns to ecstasy as she starts to close her eyes and tilt her head up. All the time increasing and slowing the tempo on my penis. I cry out as I come over her belly and, if like a signal she screams in joy.

When we are done she just smiles gathers her clothes and winks as she leaves.