Our Toy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alix

I come home from a long day, my boyfriend answers the door and tells me he has a surprise for me. A beautiful raven-haired women is tied down onto my bed, I can't stop looking at her beautiful body. My boyfriend walks over to me and whispers "take off your clothes" and start kissing this women. I turn to her and ask if I can watch them start. She eagerly nods her head and asks if she can be blindfolded. I gently place one on her face and kiss her lips hard, she kisses me back like she's been waiting forever to kiss me. My man starts licking her nipples and rubbing her clit while she begins to moan, he wants her all wet so he begins to tease her. She starts to beg, he finally gives in and begins to give her what she wants. He starts licking her and placing his fingers inside her. She's panting and moaning. I'm watching while I pleasure myself. I begin to call the shots. "Stop licking her that way" I yell. "Flip her over and lick her from behind." She looks like she wants to come all over his face but it's not time yet... I want to taste her first. I kneel beside him and start to touch her over his fingers and eventually I bury my face in her, tasting her and feeling her all over me. She's begging to cum and I want her all over me, so I go faster and faster until she can't handle it anymore. She cums all over my face. She tastes so sweet, I can't wait to get her ready to cum again but... First it's my turn. I want her. I want her inside of me. She spreads my legs apart and dives into my vagina. She goes down on me more sweetly and sensually then I've ever felt before. I want to live in this moment forever. I want her to make me cum over and over again. I look at my man and ask breathlessly if he wants to cum now, he says not yet but he is close. He's stroking himself and watching. She licks me until I can't even scream. I cum so hard and so fast all over her. She comes to kiss me and I can taste myself on her. I know she can taste the same.