Orgasm in the Fitting Room

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Angel

I have been away from my boyfriend since I started living in a foreign country because of business. Maybe because this place is new or because I started living alone, my sexual desires increased and I started to feel like a teenage girl again. And, my teenager fantasies started to pop-up in my mind, and in my dreams. Among them, the one which excites me most is a fitting room fantasy. When I was a teenager, I used to fantasize about a strong guy that I don't know, but now in my fantasy I use my boyfriend instead, feels like more real.

It was a very casual shopping day. I browsed some jeans in a store and then picked one to try. While going to the fitting room, I didn't notice that someone had been watching me.

On his side, the first moment he saw me, he wanted to feel my warm body, be inside me and see my orgasm. He felt this like an animal instinct, nothing emotional. Then, he started to spy on me and waited for the right moment to touch. The moment I headed to the fitting room, he felt this is "the moment". He started to pump adrenaline and become hard in his jeans.

Everything happened in seconds. While I was on the point of closing the door, he appeared at the door, hold it and got in the small fitting room. He kissed me by looking deep into my eyes. I wasn't expecting this but I couldn't resist him. The fitting room was so small that only two can fit in while standing. He leaned me to the wall and squeezed me between his warm body and cold wall. I felt how hard he was and it turned me on right away. We didn't take all clothes off, only bottoms. He put that hard dick into me. I was so wet and warm, I saw the face of a wild animal in his face while fucking me. It was very intense but we were holding our screams and groans so that no one hear us. After we both come (nearly at the same time), he put his pant on, left a big kiss with a small bite on my lips and went away. It was an unexpected fitting room orgasm.