Orgasm Dreaming in the Alps

A Sexual Fantasy

— By verus2

I don't have any fantasies to share with you, but my weirdest, dreamlike orgasm.
I am the rare type of girls, who can sometimes have a "mental orgasm" without touching myself. I need to have a certain mood for it, and mainly the help of porn movies. But on very rare occasions my fantasy can trigger it as well.
And this rare occasion once happened to be a bus ride to a university party ski camp. I applied for the trip even though I barely knew anybody who participated. To start with I shared a 26 hours long busride from Hungary to the French alps with 35 strangers... The ride was long and exhausting, but exciting at the same time. In the opposite row, a pretty handsome guy was sitting, whom I'd never met before. We did talk a couple of times during the ride, but I was a bit shy, and he didn't show much interest in me, probably because of that shyness.
It happened in the morning, when the sun came up. We were already surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the alps on the French-Italian boarder. The sun was shining on me as I was sitting next to the window, and I just closed my eyes and started to have fantasies of us. I got very aroused. I did place my pullover in my lap and slide one of my hands underneath in between my legs. For my surprise this move was enough to trigger an orgasm. I kept my eyes closed and turned my head to the window. I was surrounded by people, yet nobody noticed it. It was a very controversial but unique feeling.
I sadly don't remember my fantasies from that bus ride. Hopefully somebody elses story can fill that gap.