Oral Work

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Maurinto

An oral surgeon falls in love with his new assistant. She has a gorgeous face, a slim body, small breasts and a perfect ass. Any man would fall in love with her. The work of the two is close, the surgeries are performed with the patient lying in the dentist's chair and the professionals sitting, one on each side. With the passing of days, she also falls in love with the dental surgeon. The contact of legs under the patient's chair between the two becomes more and more intimate. One day, during a surgery, the dentist's assistant touches the dentist's penis. He looks at her and consents to the act. The assistant masturbates the surgeon while he's doing the anesthesia. When everything is in place he warns the patient to wait for effects to take hold, removes his gloves and masturbates. The patient can't see what's happening because she has a surgical cloth over her face. The surgeon begins to kiss the assistant while masturbating. Everything is done silently so that the patient in the chair doesn't notice. The excitement grows and the two stand so that the surgeon can penetrate his assistant. The sex is intense and fast. The sound of orgasm has to be swallowed so that the patient lying in the chair doesn't suspect anything. After the sex the two quietly get ready and start surgery.