One View and He Blew

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Little John

My girlfriend was living in a different city, and I was frustrated and tormented by the sex noises coming from my two male housemates bedrooms (their moaning girlfriends), and by the constant lustful vision of my sexy Spanish housemate who enjoyed being braless in loose fitting shirts. Her partner also being far away, we hung out often and often engaged in raunchy conversations over a drink. Watching tv together we flicked onto a channel showing an erotic movie which turned us both on. Not wanting to cheat on our partners but being increasingly aroused by the movie (I joke about getting wood and she demands I prove by removing the cushion to show my bulge), we found ourselves masturbating through and then beneath our underwear in front of each other. We tried to leave the details of what was being hidden in our underwear up to each others imaginations, hiding our genitals from view but making obvious the clit rubbing, fingering and jerking going on beneath. As we got more and more turned on (from the sight of hands working in underwear, imagination, sexy moans, sloshing wet pussy fingering noises) we became more careless, her panties slipping showing glimpses of glimmering wet inner labia and my penis head accidentally pokes through my fly opening for a brief instance igniting her lust and demands to see the whole thing. My cock now free and exposed and being jerked hard she suddenly pulls her panties aside and presents the pink perfection which I had been imagining in my head (a pussy like Elsa Jeans) causing me to instantly explode with stream after stream of cum onto my own stomach. This triggers her own body trembling orgasm with one touch of her clit. When finally her orgasm subsides, she states “I needed that!”. I lick the juices off her fingers and she rubs her hand through my cum grasps my cock licking the tip, slaps it. Pushes me aside and marches off for a shower.