One passionate night with a serpent

A Sexual Fantasy

— By AudgeLiz

I met my husband in College. We had a few very close mutual friends that we spent every weekend with. My husband and I graduated 10 years ago, and most of our friends we haven't physically seen since. Over the summer, I got a text message from one of our closest friends, that he was in town for the weekend, and that we needed to get together. When we first met a decade ago, I had a serious crush on him, but he had a wonderful girlfriend that I liked very much, which I didn't want to interfere with, and I was also dating my future husband. The timing just wasn't right. Our friend, turns out, was going through a divorce, and was looking for a bit of fun. My husband and I met up with him, and my stomach filled with butterflies when our eyes locked for the first time in 10 years, and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me over and over. So happy to see me. He was always so sexy to me. Covered head to toe in beautiful tattoos, his tongue split like a serpents. I always wondered what his tongue would feel like on my pussy. He had told me years ago that he had a sub incision on his cock, which made sex very enjoyable for women. Although, I never saw it, as it made his girlfriend uncomfortable. Over the course of the night, I found myself wishing that my husband was not there. All I wanted was to have everyone around us leave me with my beautiful tattooed friend so he could fuck my brains out. I could tell he wanted the same. All night he had his hands on my body when my husband wasn't looking. He stole kisses from me and whispered about how much he missed me. It made me so wet. All I wanted was one passionate night with my beautiful tattooed, serpent tongued friend.