One Night in Delhi

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lullabygirl

It might sound crazy but my sexual fantasy is actually to re-live a night I actually experienced already. When I told a friend she said it already sounds like a movie, not porn actually, more a romantic one, but I think it is...
I met a guy in Delhi at the airport, many incidents led to this meeting (I had a 5 hour delay, he hurt his leg while skydiving in Dubai, so he flew back early) and we ended up sharing a taxi. He didn't even shake my hand goodbye but gave me his phone number. After texting and flirting we met again, both very nervously, talking too much and too fast, but talking frankly through all our sexual fantasies. After drinking together he brought me back to my hotel, I forced him to hug me, while security stared angrily at us. I felt his heart beating as fast as mine and wandered back sadly to my hotel room. I texted him, teased him, he came back. We lay on the bed, he read my love and sex horoscope to me and I told him everything, trying to get him to touch me as I didn't want to make the first move. We hugged goodbye again, and finally we touched. He kissed and licked all of my body, even my ribs, my pussy lips from the outside. He got me dripping wet, then finally went down on me. He was reacting to the smallest of my movements, pausing just before I could come, then eventually when I did, waiting to put his penis into me until I had come three times and actually embraced him and pulled his penis inside me with my legs. Even when I was so wet and craving him, his penis stretched my pussy so much it hurt, making our first time the most hot and intense sex I've ever had.