On the road to orgasm

A Sexual Fantasy

— By stirmeup

Living in California has its perks. One of those is that we have an entire west coastline to call our own. I live about 8 hours away from my family when I go to university, so I spend many weekends driving up and down our infamous coastline.

Something about driving, especially long distances, makes me intensely horny. The long roads, the quiet hum and bumps of the road, the openness.

Over the years I've began masturbating while driving, (dangerous, I know). Touching my clit and stroking myself slowly to a blissful orgasm, while cruise control takes me by the shimmering Pacific Ocean views out my window. On all of these drives I have been alone, just me, the view and my pleasure.

Along this long drive of different cities, coastlines and communities there are highway viewpoints, the pretty sister to your average trucker rest area. Every time I drive I have the strong desire to pull over, the view in front of me, and my favorite vibrator in my hand. More than that, I want to have my lover sitting next to me. I want him to touch me, finger me, play with me, and fuck me. I want the thrill of knowing anyone could pull next to us on the viewpoint and discover us in the midst of our lust. I want to cry out in orgasm as I see the cars rushing past behind me, the highway in full view, and the California coastline ahead of me.