On A Hot Summer Night...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Gaël

Walking back home after drinking beers with you in that pub you like to go, you were running the stairs up to the apartment. I was touching your thighs while your were walking, my hand going up under your dress. Grabbing your butt, pulling down a little your pantie, my heart was beating so strong. You stopped. We kissed. A passionate embrace. Then you went down, sitting in the stairs. I caressed your breast, your neck, your shoulder.
By getting more and more aroused I sneaked my head between your legs. I kissed your thighs, your groin then your pussy. I pulled out your panties with my teeth to allow me eagerly to get my full mouth on your beautiful hairy pussy. My tongue was turning around your clit, licking between your lips, trying to get inside your vagina. What a pleasure to swallow the women's fluid. I stopped right before you came, taking you by the hand in the flat. Kissing and undressing each other we reached the bed. Laying down your were touching yourself, I was stroking my cock above your boobs. I came, shilling my sperm on you from your face till your breast.
Still strongly excited I put once again my head between your thighs to lick that marvellous pussy you have. We rolled. Your were sitting on my face while I was licking you. Then it turned to a 69. You hold and sucked my penis. It was very very exciting.
Reaching a strong orgasm you rolled, laying on your belly. So I sat on your butt, caressing your back, your neck.
After few minutes of massages, I started to lick your skin. I went slowly down to your ass. I grabbed your butt and bite gently. Then spread your buttcheeks to lick inside. My tongue went up from your vagina to your low back. I was now kissing and licking your anus. Your were playing your clit.
Finally, as we were both extremely aroused, I rubbed my hard penis in your ass. You came loudly, your ass and your thighs covered of sperm.

What an amazing night we had !