Old masturbators Initiation

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Seniorbater

I'm an 84 year old male who is an addicted masturbatot. I like masturbating for several hours before cumming. My favorite fantasy is to find a group of old men whose favorite sexual activity is jerking off, and get together for regular jack off parties. The first visit would require me to sit naked in the center of the group and each participant would step up and stroke my cock ten time, then step back to let the next one stroke my cock. This could continue until everyone had their turn, regardless whether I had cum or not. If I had not cum, the rotation would resume again with an additional 5 strokes added to each turn. The rotation would not stop even if I ejaculated. Full rotations would repeat with 5 additional, until I cum. But if I cum while a rotation is in progress, it must continue to the end.