Oh, Jay Smooth!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PsycheSpirit

I have my first porn crush: Jay Smooth. He exudes such personality, such a smile, such warmth! I've always wished to be touched and taken care of by someone who can make me feel 100% like my natural sexy self just by making me feel like I can relax and let go, not have to perform - maybe somewhere quiet and beautiful like a forest at evening-time, the light sifting through the leaves and dancing on the moving textures of a river, where we'll swim and start to brush fingers over our skin. Once I can be taken to this special place inside of me, I'll feel confident enough to take over, take control and tussle a bit, make him feel such pleasure and joy, watch his face stir through all the tiny little emotions and sensations as I touch him, all swept up together, and then he'll do the same for me. We'll smile at each other and laugh lots. What simple, stirring joy. Ecstasy alongside tranquility.