Oh Doctor, Doctor!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

For some time I had a problem with my small hole; a mild discomfort due to a slight swelling of the ridge.
The doctor told me: "It's nothing, do not worry. We solve everything at once. "
I wore a gauze shirt wide-open on the back; she made me lie on the bed on my left side; she pulled on latex gloves; she lubricated the little hole and, with the same movement, slowly she went inside. After the first sensation of discomfort, I became increasingly broader and began to feel the movement of the doctor inside my gut.
"Here, I understand the problem. We're finished."
I felt her finger slip out from my anus. With my right hand I grabbed the hand of the doctor and held it in my ass, indeed pushing it deeper. She weighed down her movement, earlier light, until a slow stream of moods from my vagina wet the bed cover of white paper.