October Sun

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sultry Iris

I was feeling quite cat like, I'd found a warm spot in the sun and curled up with my laptop to work. I'm drawn to the October sun, it's less about heat and more about warmth. It takes it's time, easing into me layer by layer until I'm engulfed by it, until it's worked its way through my hair to my scalp, through my sweater to my t-shirt to my shoulders, through my socks to my toes. I suddenly realize that considerable time has passed, and I've long stopped thinking about the spreadsheet on the laptop in front of me. I slowly set down my laptop on the floor and stretch out fully on the couch. You, by contrast, are sitting at the table, working. I know I should be good. I know I shouldn't distract you, but one look at you and I can feel my insides start to smolder. I need to send a spark your way... I take off my sweater, no response from you... your fingers don't even slow on the keyboard... and now I'm thinking about your fingers and I want them touching me... I remove a sock and lob it over to the table where you're sitting, but it falls short. I take off the other one and lob it past the first to land on your keyboard. You glance at me out of the corner of your eye, brush the sock away and return to your typing... this calls for more serious sparks... I coyly ignore you as I roll over to my back, arch my back and undo the top button on my jeans. I hear your fingers slowing as I unzip my jeans and slide them down off my hips. I lift my shirt up and undo the centre clasp on my bra as I slide my hand inside my panties. I've quickly brought myself halfway to orgasm, and no longer care if you're typing, but I hope you're watching me... one hand on my clitoris, the other squeezing my breast, the warmth of the sun on my bare skin... I start cumming, gasping... once my breathing returns to normal, I slide my jeans back up and redo the zipper and the button. I maneuver onto my knees so I can redo my bra. I glance over at you... you smile coyly back as you put down the video camera, I respond with a smile of approval.