Now You See Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nick

I find the idea of turning someone on without touching them to be hot. In a voyeuristic manner, even more so. I often find myself off imagining an attractive older man (a "daddy", if I may) watching me doing all sorts of things. I'd tell him to stay a foot away from me, allowing him to touch himself but not to come, and tell him that whatever happens, he's got to keep his hands to himself and watch me closely. I'd play with myself, focusing on my body, making him growl with want but still restrained by my order. I'd first go for my breasts and nipples (nipples are awesome), pinching and twisting before then I'd play with my lady part. First with my clit while spreading my pussy open, teasing him, and I'd put a finger in ONLY when I've got my clitoral orgasm. I imagined him to be shaking with want, but still won't break the condition without my consent. As I played with my pussy, maybe, if I felt sorry enough for him, I'd let him hump my thigh or something and come ON my lady mound. Afterwards, he could show me how much he wants to fuck me good by putting his mouth to work on my body, especially the nipples and clit. Only then, maybe, I'd ride his cock, grind on him on my pace, gyrate my hips as I like it. He's at my mercy and he'd enjoy it. Lots of nipple licking and sucking, probably sending me off to the edge (fact: it's a great way to come). I hope I can see something like this in the future.