November Night in the Playground

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Elenana

A few years ago I went to a twenties-theme-party with my friends. Everybody dressed up really nice. I was wearing a strapless black dress, stay ups, a long pearl necklace and a feather in my curls. I felt beautiful and sexy.
We arrived at the crowded party, everybody was dancing and having a good time. On the dancefloor I spotted an attractive man and I couldn't wait that his big green eyes would find me. They did and we had discreet eye-contact for almost an our, while I he was dancing with his friends and I was dancing with mine. We arranged to dance next to each other and he whispered "Meet me outside" and went away. I followed him, he was waiting for me outside at the stairs. We talked for about 5 seconds, I can't remember about what, because I just wanted to kiss him and did it. His hands gave me goosebumps caressing my neck and then wandering slowly down to grab my bottom. I was so excited, I really could feel how I was getting wet, while he was touching me. I bit his earlobe and told him that I don't want to waste time and take him home. I could see in his beautiful eyes that he liked that. We started walking but didn't move very fast, because we couldn't stop touching and kissing each other. On the way we passed a playground between a few trees. I laid down at a bench, he knelt next to me and kissed my legs, his fingers under my dress on the way to my wet pussy. When his lips and his tongue arrived there I exploded, I came twice at least, loosing every boundaries I might have had, I didn't care if anybody could hear or see us. I took him to the swings, took off his clothes to tease him kissing and sucking him on his whole body until he begged me to take his cock in my mouth. I did, but I didn't want him to come to quickly because I really wanted to get fucked. So I sat on his big hard cock and we swung and played through this magical November Night.