I'm Not Your Teacher Anymore

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Eden

I had a crush on one of my old (but hot) professors when he taught me during my undergrad, but never acted on it for obvious reasons. Now, that I've graduated from that university and starting a PhD, I ended up reuniting with him at an event where we exchanged numbers to talk references. When I met him at his office one week later, in the evening, (since that was the only slot I could book off after work) we started to chat. He remembered I like to write and I disclosed that money was tight and that I moonlighted as an erotica ghostwriter. He said that was interesting and quipped about inspiration. I said I thought about stuff I wanted to do, sometimes stuff that came across porn that coalesced into my own life; kind of like me being a student and maybe hooking up with a professor. He laughed. Then, I told him I had a crush on one during my undergrad at his campus. He must've got the hint because he said there'd surely be no ethical concerns since I was a graduate (not enrolled) and there was no conflict of interest. Then, I asked what if this professor doesn't like me back? He said, "I'm sure he does." After that, he got up from his desk and began to kiss me. We ended up having sex on the chaise in his office. I must've cum six times; at least twice when he was eating me out. We didn't end up working together, but I still see him around campus and visit him at his office.