Not too busy to fuck

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ami_Adams

I had just started a new job at a factory, and one day I sat alone in the break room with this guy I had never seen before. He has a nice accent, and tanned Olive skin, and he tells me he is from Europe (He is Slavic). He is so friendly, and puts me at ease so that when he asks to take me hiking, I don't hesitate to say yes. Meanwhile, I ask him not to brag about it at work, because I work with men who are very sexist. He gets it. "I know, I've been here too long" he says. I wonder how many women he's fucked from work. I get the feeling that he will know how to touch me, kiss me, and fuck me. So during the work week, I completely ignore him, but we text while we are supposed to be working, flirting like crazy. Our day off comes, and it happens to rain so we can't go hiking. Our movie night turns into foreplay, where I tease him. "Well, we just met so we can't have sex yet, I'm not ready." While he's finger fucking me. My pussy is so wet, he says,"We can do whatever you want", in his thick sexy accent. I really liked how attentive he was, saying my body was so soft, kissing me and rubbing me every where. I liked how free he was, moaning with pleasure as he sucked on me and held me tight, it was exactly as I had fantasized. He was so intuitive with my body, everything he did was just right. "It feels crazy, like the first time", he would say, as he fucked me. "Every move I make, I feel like I can cum, I don't know how you do it." "Well, I like you," was all I could say. "But I will ignore you at work".
"It's ok", even those short words rang with his accent. It was like I knew from the beginning, he knew how to fuck. I loved it.