Noodle me up

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mochi23

He's tall, white, nice build, nice dick, with rather average looking face though I have to admit he's kinda cute at times. Especially everytime he just got a haircut but leave his face a bit scruffy. He's not my type - a Japanese pop culture fan, gamer, a bit pervy though awkward with the ladies, and highly devoted gamer. I sent a nude pic once on his game time, he didn't bother to response.

We talk almost everyday, arrange time for sexy Skype session - we manage to make time for it. He lives in a country with a 6 hours difference to mine. But we're just friends. Or as he put it, fuckbuddies. Even more specific, I'm his online sub. We just happen to be lonely, so we keep on talking to fulfill our needs of affection (put it this way - if you can't find spaghetti to go with your Alfredo sauce, you can always get some noodles and pretend it's spaghetti.

Last night, I was shaving my pussy for the first time in my life just because he's been asking for it. This makes my pussy feels itchy. And I thought, ah, so much work just to have a cyber sex with a stranger across the sea. I put on the sexy lingerie and cover it with a red coat. Called him on skype, strip myself to reveal the shaved pussy. He looks surprised - good kind of surprised. He let me cum first for being such an obedient slut.

Buy I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoy his cum face. He has the most amazing cum face. He'll close his eyes and take deep breaths, his mouth slightly open, just slightly.. And when he just came back to earth, he opened his eyes they were smiling. And the curve of his lips is just right. It turns me on more than the real act.

Last night after the fuck he stayed to just talk. This almost never happens. I had a nice time. Something strange is growing - as if I don't want spaghetti anymore. I came to like this noodle. But I know it's not supposed to be real. We're just pretending. I should not settle for noodle, I deserve spaghetti....