Noisy neighbours

A Sexual Fantasy

— By peter-j.

I'm on my way to Berlin, where I've booked an Airbnb apartment for a brief summer holiday. My train is seriously delayed however, and I send an SMS to Lene, the woman who is waiting for me, informing her that I won't arrive until 10 or 11 in the evening. She replies that it's no problem. So when I arrive, it's pretty late. Lene opens the door. I think she's Scandinavian, as she speaks with a slight accent. She's about ten years younger than me, and quite attractive. She's wearing rather sexy clothes, and when I apologise for being late, she says it's no problem, because she'll be going out later.

When she shows me the apartment, two neighbours start having sex and their noises come in through the open window. We lock eyes and laugh. We make some small talk, and I try to find out if she has a boyfriend, and I think she's trying to find out if I have a girlfriend. As it turns out, we're both single.

Then, when she shows me the bedroom, the woman starts to cum. 'I should be so lucky', Lene says, and as she turns around, she notices the hard-on in my summer pants. 'Or maybe I am...', she says, giving me a naughty look. I bend towards her and whisper: 'Maybe you are...' and start licking her ear. She grabs my crotch, and as the woman next door cums, we stumble onto the bed.

We're both pretty horny, so we can't wait to get each other out of our clothes. When we're both naked, I go down on her and start eating her pussy. And while the neighbours are continuing to have sex, Lene now starts to moan and sigh as well until she climaxes. Then she pushes me over and climbs on top of me. She starts riding me and I try to postpone my climax until we can come together.

When I've come inside her, she moves over and sits on my face so I can lick my come out of her pussy. We're both pretty worn-out now, and she falls down on the bed beside me, exhausted. 'So Lene', I say, 'Nice to meet you.' 'How long are you staying again?', she asks.