No Shame in Stranger Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By StrangersInTheNight66

I’m 26 years old and a quite shy. I haven’t had a lot of sex and I get a little bit awkward around men. I don’t want to embarrass myself by being timid and self-conscious during sex but I’m afraid I’m bad in bed or he doesn’t like my body.

Anyway, because of all this I have this fantasy where I go to a gas station at night for a box of tampons because my period is about to start soon and I see this really hot guy standing in my aisle. We look at each other and the air is just sexually charged between us and then I go get my things and we just kind of keep glancing at each other. Suddenly I walk past some condoms and on an impulse I just take a pack. When I go to pay he comes at the same time and lets me go first and I can feel him staring at my butt although I’m not wearing anything sexy.

I pay and leave and look back at him through the window and he’s already looking at me. When I turn to go I notice that there’s only one car in the parking lot with a foreign licence plate and no other people around. I suddenly get this rush of adrenaline and confidence and think: You don’t know this guy. He’s not even from here. You’ll never have to see him again. Just go for it girl, it’s now or never.

Before I can change my mind and be a good girl again I just walk up to his car and lean against the hood waiting for him and when he gets out the store and walks towards me he looks at me questioningly. He’s about to say something but I don’t want him to talk, I just want him to satisfy my needs, so I kiss him and we get into the car and I ride him and he takes me doggy style and all that and it’s so intense and electrifying to fuck a total stranger.

When I have my orgasm it’s the best I’ve ever had in my life and I think maybe he had one as well but I’m too focused on myself to really notice. Feeling empowered and proud I don’t want this bubble to burst so I just give him a little peck on the lips, quickly exit the car and walk off before he gets the chance to say anything. I don’t forget to grab the tampons I left on the hood though.