No Ballgames

A Sexual Fantasy

— By messtee124

I work as a waitress at a city restaurant and I was so into one of the waiters who started a few months after me.

He was gorgeous, an Italian traveler, cheeky smile… god I wanted him so bad, but I always went to mush around him, and couldn’t quite muster the gall to act on my feelings.

One night, after a late & busy service, all the staff -chefs, bar staff & waitstaff- went for a drink in the bar next door, as we often did. Everyone trickled away until it was just me and him, and of course, we started kissing and I asked him to come home with me.

As we walked home I don’t know what got into us (other than a maybe too many glasses of red wine) as we could barely walk 2 steps without stoping to kiss and touch each other... so, when we reached the alleyway between a couple of office buildings we couldn't wait anymore.

First he pushed me against the wall and slid his fingers inside me but when I pulled him into a secluded doorway the fun really started. He pulled down my top so my breasts were exposed, we fucked face to face for a while until he turned me around so I could see glimpses of the street through the cracks in the brick.

It felt so goddamn risky and passionate, knowing we were mere bricks away from being caught.

He’s long gone now, having adventures in another city’s, but everyday I cut through that alleyway on my way to work and see the big sign that we didn’t notice that night.

“No parking
No skateboarding
No cycling

The Irony makes me burst out laughing every time without fail, and I always arrive at work with a big smile on my face.