Night time sweat training

A Sexual Fantasy

— By niateese

I met him at his office. He was a trainer and chiropractor. We were friends but something was different now. I showed up sweaty from my olympic weight workout. Knee socks and short shorts. He locked the door gingerly as I came into the waiting room. It was after-hours now, but he said he was worried about the cleaners who were due to arrive at any time. We started kissing furiously. He grabbed my ass and with one finger slipped my shorts to the side and penetrated me. I was so wet. I licked his neck, he responded by grabbing my jaw and kissing me aggressively. He pulled me to the hallway leading to the treatment rooms, a bathroom with a shower and a weight training room. He pushed me against the wall, pulled my shorts down, spread my legs and licked me, wanting to taste every last drop of honey. We moved awkwardly to the bathroom where he showered me and I sucked his hard cock. We ran like children chasing each other to the weight room. On a bench he slammed me on my back and continued to eat my pussy, clean and damp from the shower, wet from his tongue stroking from anus to my clit. Over and over. I cried out. Suddenly pulling me up he hoisted me on the rings and as I held on with tension, my legs around his neck he continued to eat me. Fingers, tongue and moaning. My muscles contracted and I pushed my pussy into his face. I jumped down and jumped up on him wrapping my legs around his waist. His penis was teasing my clit as he walked. He bent me over the hamstring curler so my butt was up in the air, waiting. He whispered as he penetrated my ass "I want all of you. I need more." He began pumping and it was glorious. I never came so hard. I screamed. Just then the cleaners came in and we scurried to a treatment room. I lay on a table, with only my sport knee socks on and he devoured my pussy. As the cleaner was vacuuming, I kept moaning as he pushed further, probing me with all his digits, nose, tongue. The cleaner came towards the door. My lover leaped behind it as it swung open. I scared the man staring at him naked and sex drunk.