Disco Kremlin (LISBOA)

A Sexual Fantasy

— By armando.areias

Hello, my story was in a disco called Kremlin in Lisboa. I am a Portuguese photographer, a very tall guy with blue eyes and brown hair, and in the end of the night I was on the dj box taking pics from the disco with people dancing. There was a small girl from Sweden with blue eyes and blond hair and she was always looking at me, so I decided to get to her and start dancing with her. Suddenly I was kissing her. The disco was closing so we had to go home and I offered her a ride. We got into my car (a WW Golf tdi 1999). It was daylight, around 9AM. Once inside we took each other clothes and had sex: the missionary, a 69, and weird positions inside the car. We both came! Then I took her home.

I remember all the windows were tarnished, it was so good and so fun. The car was in a big parking space near the river and a famous restaurant, and no one was there. Anyone could have shown up, even a cop... Who cares!!