A neon sign style arrow tattoo

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Hi, this happened when I wanted a tattoo on a very intimate place...I always wanted a tattoo down there, and lately I decided what I wanted: Tattooed pubic hair! I never had a lot of hair down there, and where most girls shave, I always craved for a full bush! So, I went to this young, talented asian tattoo lady, and said what I wanted. She didn't even raise an eyebrow hearing my wishes, and just asked me to undress and sit in the Gyno style chair. She cleaned my pubis with some alcohol, which felt funny, and soon she was concentrated on making my tattoo. The pain of the needle made me very horny, I could feel my labia grow and get very wet. She noticed it, but simply said: later, now I first finish your tattoo! Some time later, she was finished, and showed me the result by holding a mirror in front of my pussy. It was awesome, it looked really natural, a wild curly patch of hair, like a goatee around my labia (《0》)! Do you want a happy ending? She asked, naughtily, When I said yes, she started fingering my pussy. I was so exited! Do you want them all in, she asked shyly. I nodded yes, and soon her whole hand was in me. She licked my clit and butt, and I felt a finger getting in there also. Soon I orgasmed, and carefully she pulled her hand out. Next time, I want another tattoo, on my butt, with an neon sign style arrow pointing at it, saying: Tattoo artists entrance!