Neon Haze

A Sexual Fantasy

— By curvyraven

My fantasy begins with a hall pass. I am in a monogamous relationship but we've both agreed to give each other a one time, no strings attached pass. I'm pansexual, an architecture major, at a party to celebrate being done with studio for the semester. Imagine neon pink and blue lighting, washing over everything, making everyone look more exotic and alien. The music is pulsing, and after everyone has had a few drinks I make eye contact with Owen, a guy that I've been magnetically attracted to all semester, he's rugged, covered in tattoos and scars and a great beard. He comes over to give me a hug, his hand grazes my ass on accident and his beard grazes on my neck, and I can't control my reaction. He notices and looks over at Joaquin, who has a very masculine appearance, but in a gentle, barefaced way. He looks like a classical painting; delicate lips and gentle hands. They both look at me, and Owen takes my hand and leads me to his bedroom, no one in the party notices that we've left. Joaquin follows, and closes the door; the pink and blue lighting still present. Owen begins to kiss me roughly, I'm wearing strappy lingerie under my outfit and he sees this when he begins to undress me. Joaquin also begins undressing, and then pushes Owen to the side and begins kissing me instead, gently, while Owen kisses the back of his neck. They both undress further, down to their briefs, both are wearing gold chains around their necks, almost like collars. We begin a sensual, rough, yet tender threesome, with Joaquin and Owen simultaneously adoring and worshiping me, then roughing me up (throwing me around the bed, spanking me, choking me, pulling my hair). Both Owen and Joaquin pleasure me orally, and I begin to go down on Joaquin while Owen takes me in doggy position. I get on top of Joaquin while he performs fellatio on Owen. It remains very hot and sensual, lots of neck kissing and heavy breathing. I come several times and squirt, Owen and Joaquin both come inside me. We return to the party and no one suspects a thing.