Neighbourhood Watch

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Babylon

Stretched out on her bed, a woman masturbates. Lost in her body and the privacy of her own eroticism, she has forgotten that the curtains are wide open. Outside, in the cool moonlight, her neighbour is having a cigarette and spots her. They giggle, made shy, and goes to look away but can't. She is spellbinding. Her orgasm is interrupted when she spots her voyeur. Embarrassed, she hides. She pokes her head above the window frame, laughing and mouthing "sorry". Her neighbour smiles and laughs along with her. "Don't be", they mouth back. She goes to pull the curtain closed, still blushing, but the neighbour shakes their head. Through the yard, they share a moment, the thrill before a leap. She lies back on her bed and picks up her slick vibrator. The neighbour shakes their head again. The woman looks back confused. The neighbour brings two fingers to their mouth and sucks. The woman does the same, understanding the contract. She plunges her fingers inside herself without breaking eye contact. The neighbour finishes their cigarette and leans forward. They begin to undo their pants. The woman inside stops in protest. It's her turn to shake her head. The neighbour looks confused, and gestures for her to begin again. She nods no in protest, but smiling. She begins teasing them, showing off her body, and how ready she is to cum. The neighbour grips the railing of their porch tight. Finally, she beckons them. She can't do this on her own. The neighbour is laughing as they cross her backyard and clamber into her bedroom. There, they make each other cum hard. In the morning, the woman wakes up to the sound of chirping birds. Outside her window, the neighbour is sipping coffee from their vantage spot. They share a smile. Love thy neighbour as thyself.