I Need a Grown Man

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Curious

I am a final university student studying pharmacology and have a major fantasy! I have a boyfriend who is quite immature but the best looking guy in my year. He is fun but a bit arrogant and a little too childish. He is not growing out of it unfortunately. My fantasy is that I break up with him by sleeping with my very hot professor - he is a suave gentleman and I would love him to seduce me one night (we flirt a lot and I can tell he finds me attractive). I would love to have my professor fuck me at my flat on a random night when we both got drunk and have my boyfriend walk in on us. My boyfriend would go mad about it as he walks in but my professor keeps fucking my tight pussy and I just tell my boyfriend, whilst being pumped, to just grow up and get out. After which my professor would tell him to close the door behind him.