Naked Tango

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pablo

I love tango dancing, I love erotic stories and sensuality. Although tango is about contact and dancing and not so much about sex, sometimes it slips in. The idea that a beautiful person makes contact with you, and on the lines and rhythms of the music 2 bodies start exploring each-other. They slide together and start playing, flirting, ...

Once I stumbled on the website naked tango. A sort of hedonistic tango festival where this idea can come to live. I never went, but I fantasize about it. The idea of dancing with strange people and the opportunity to make the flirting dance into something more. To gradually turn up the heat, where couples watch another dancing, flirting, playing until finally you end up with someone. Maybe not the partner you came with, but a person where a final click is going on for that moment, for that song.