My Virgin Fantasy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Random

I'd met her on a fetish website. I was a virgin. So was she. We were both incredibly curious.
 We'd spent the evening at a bar, deep in conversation. When it closed, we took to the city, finding a bench by a quiet church. We spoke of more intimate matters, of experiences, and lack of. She was gorgeous. Curvy, cute, and a sense of humour. A beautiful smile. Dazzling eyes. I wanted to pull her close and kiss her that very moment. A look in her eyes told me she was hoping I would.
 But I didn't. The scared, shy virgin simply walked her home. We hugged. A long embrace. Neither of us wanted to leave.
 Sometimes I wish I had plucked up the courage.
 A hand on her lap, a soft caress. I pull her close. I lean in. I kiss her. Our hands are quick to explore one another. Tongues entwined. Lips tender.
 When we finally stop, there is no question as to where we're going.
 A brisk walk and we're at her house. We speed past her housemates, straight for the bedroom.
 Without hesitation, I throw her onto the bed. I remove my jeans. She kicks her skirt to the floor. I leap on top of her. My fingers grasping at her panties. Fumbling with her bra.
 In seconds, we lay each other bare. Our hands drawn to the other. Grasping at each others' bodies. My lips to her lips. My lips to her neck, a gentle bite. She moans, her fingers clasping at my back.
 She can feel me harden, her hands reaching to meet me, stroking me, a sultry smile. I feel her, wet, against my fingers. She whimpers as I put them inside her.
 She brushes my cock against her pussy, teasing herself. Teasing me.
 I push inside her. My head stretches her. She groans. Utterances of God. Her hips thrust to meet mine, taking every inch of me.
 There's a brief pause, our eyes meet. No longer virgins. A tender smile between us, before she pulls me close, legs around my waist, my hands grasping her, thighs lifting her bottom.
 She whispers as her hips grind against me.
 'Now fuck me...', her hands cradle my face, her lips to my ears, 'Fuck me until the whole house can hear my moans'.